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How ready are you for this hurricane season?  

Beginning June 1 and ending November 30, the 2017 hurricane season has been very busy.  The team at IBS Construction Group would like to take this opportunity to make sure that you are protected during this active season.

This article has been written with you in mind, and to urge you to take every precaution to keep your family and home secure during any hurricane activity.  Your safety is our top priority and we want you to know how much we care.

In an effort to make sure you are hurricane ready, here are a few tips to help you keep your family and home safe:

  1. If you are staying at home, put a set of clothes and towels in plastic bags (preferably ziplock), and put them in the fridge, dishwasher, or freezer.
  2. Make sure you put hurricane shutters or plywood over your windows to prevent exposure.
    • Make sure gutters and drains are clean.
    • Anchor down any items that can become projectiles in high winds (Patio furniture, garbage cans,
    • Be careful of items outside the house that can easily become projectiles, causing further damage.
  3. Make copies of all of your important papers and place in a plastic bag in a waterproof bin. This include birth certificates, insurance (life, house, vehicle), proof of ownership docs, forms of identification, social security cards, medical coverage papers, and essential paperwork for life’s needs, including title documents for your vehicles.
  4. STOCK UP:
    • Have enough water and food for three days, for every person in the house.
    • Be sure to get canned goods (tuna, etc.)
    • Charcoal
  5. Set fridge and freezer to the coldest settings, and open them sparingly to help keep the food cold for as long as possible in the vent of an electrical outage.
  6. Grab some ice.
  7. Put your “ready bag” together
    • Cash
    • Medication
    • Battery-powered radio
    • Batteries
    • Flashlight (a good idea is to get those mini battery-operated tea light candles because they are small and can be placed all through the house.)
    • Loud whistle
    • First aid kit
    • Gas cans
    • Pair of Scissors
    • Local maps
    • Evacuation items
    • Portable phone chargers (make sure it is fully charged)
    • Blankets
    • Inverter to charge small devices in your car, if necessary.
    • Have a white sheet or towel that can be used as a marker to flag down rescue teams should you find yourself in an area of which you can’t get out.
  8. Life vests (in the event of excessive flooding.)
  9. Don’t forget your pets! At the very least, don’t leave them tied up.  It is important that you have an evacuation plan in place for your four-legged friends.
  10. Have an evacuation plan. Get familiar with shelters and routes to take should you need to leave the home.
  11. Make sure your cell phone is charged!

Remember the importance of generator safety.  It should never be kept in the house.  Leave it outside, away from windows and doors, and protected from moisture.

Thank you for visiting our article on hurricane preparedness.  Please be safe.